Social Media Metrics

Placeholder Text: Think Outside the Box

Nov 24, 2014 |

The verdict is in. Placeholder text is harmful in search boxes. Searchers are on your site to complete a task. Having placeholder text inside a search box distracts from the task and it reduces the usability and accessibility of the search box. Placeholders look simple, but are in fact very tricky to use. When people Read »

Metrics Round Up

Oct 20, 2014 |

We are all collecting a lot of performance data across our digital properties and DigitalGov University has hosted many events on the collection, reporting and strategizing around metrics. DigitalGov has shared many posts on these topics as well. So we thought it would be great to curate these events and posts for easy reference and Read »

Customize Your Own Amazing Social Media Report Infographic

Mar 14, 2014 |

Social Media Community of Practice developed a set of baseline social media metrics to help you assess whether your efforts are achieving the results you want. How do Read »

Better Performance and Metric Downloads Now Available From

Sep 4, 2013 |

A few weeks ago, the URL shortener introduced several new features to improve the user experience. now offers users faster speeds and downloadable metric information about their links. The service, which launched in 2009, gives government agencies the ability to provide trustworthy shortened links to their audience. Just Read »

How Kids Search

Aug 6, 2012 | ,

Kids and adults use Web search tools differently. Kids fail more often, because they often don’t have enough knowledge or experience to search using the right keywords, or understand search results. If you’re designing websites for kids, remember that they use search tools differently than adults. Kids prefer surfing over searching. Read »