Why Go Responsive? Here’s What Feds Are Saying

Mar 24, 2014 |

Responsive Web design implementations in the federal government have members of the Mobile Gov Community of Practice asking what is responsive Web design and how do we do it? In February, the Read »

Crowdsource Ideas with New Competition Platform

Mar 11, 2014 |

Federal agencies now have the ability to create a challenge competition website that accepts submissions and allows public voting with a new, no-cost tool. The team unveiled and demonstrated the capabilities of GSA’s new crowdsourcing and prize competition platform, on a DigitalGov University webinar. The platform is now available for any Read »

GitHub for Government Recap

Mar 5, 2014 |

As the definition of “developer” has grown and expanded, GitHub has become a place where anyone can do simple collaboration. It’s a free social network that tracks changes to any data, not just code, where stakeholders and developers can work on the same data simultaneously. Project Open Data, a cross-agency initiative developed by the White House, Read »

Tumblr: A Flexible Social Media Platform

Feb 24, 2014 |

When HHS’s Katie Gorscak was looking for a way to share’s information with teenagers, she looked at her options on social media. New reports seem to come out regularly talking about how teens are fleeing “traditional” social media sites, but Gorscak knew her target audience Read »

Lights, Camera, Action! 7 Tips to Run a Successful Video Challenge

Feb 20, 2014 |

Not sure how to craft a video challenge that will result in the creative solutions your agency is looking for? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Jason Crusan from NASA and Tammi Marcoullier from joined a recent DigitalGov University webinar to share best practices and hurdles in running video competitions. We’ve recapped their advice and key Read »

State of the #SocialGov 2014

Feb 18, 2014 |

If the silos and barriers that separated our programs are smashed, what could we do to realize the full potential of innovation in public service? Whether you’re a citizen who needs better access to services, an entrepreneur looking to spark innovation in the marketplace, or a public servant who wants to get your mission done Read »

Always Future Ready: The Benefits of Open Content Models and Structured Data Webinar

Oct 28, 2013

“Future-ready content,” “responsive design,” “create once, publish everywhere” are all buzzwords you hear when talking about the present and future of Web publishing. But how do we get there? We all know that technology is only part of the answer. Open content models and structured data are a big part of Read »

Mobile First

Sep 30, 2013

Mobile First is the idea that web sites should first be designed for mobile devices, including only those tasks/items that website visitors use most. Then as screen real estate increases, add in tasks/features as needed based on user priority. This means the site Read »

We the People API

May 9, 2013 |

“APIs for What in the heck does that mean?” Like President Obama, you may be asking the same question. DigitalGov University set out to answer that question during its API Standards from the White House webinar with Leigh Heyman and Bryan Hirsch, from the White House Office of Digital Strategy. [youtube=] After launching the We Read »

Mobile First Webinar Recap

Aug 3, 2012 |

Federal agency mobile implementation is an important aspect of the Digital Government Strategy, so last week the Mobile Gov team and Digital Gov University partnered for a “Mobile First” Webinar. A “mobile first” approach is where new websites and applications are designed for mobile devices first, instead of designed for the traditional desktop. Representatives from government and the private sector Read »

Introduction to APIs

Jul 26, 2012 |

There’s an easier way to get content and data into the hands of citizens. Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, are web services that allow people to more easily consume content and data in multiple ways–via mobile devices, mobile apps, innovative mash-ups, and much more. Simply put, “APIs are a better way to get government information Read »

Mobile Webinar Series Recap: Responsive Design

Jul 2, 2012

Some agencies are turning to responsive design to support device-agnostic content delivery which was called for in the recently released Digital Innovation Strategy. Last week, GSA’s Mobile Program Management Office held a responsive design webinar in conjunction with DigitalGov University outlining agency experiences with responsive design. Agency experts covered responsive design technical approaches and strategy and you can Read »

RIM/Blackberry Mobile Development Webinar Recap

May 16, 2012

The Mobile Platform Development Series was developed to help government agencies learn how to deliver government content–information, data and services–anytime, anywhere and on any device. One way to deliver content to citizens is via applications on mobile devices or native mobile apps. Government agencies need technical expertise on developing apps on the various platforms. Today we bring Read »