Privacy Impact Assessment

Trends on Tuesday: Half of Online Americans Don’t Know What a Privacy Policy Is

Federal agencies are required by law see the list of applicable ones here to use privacy policies on their digital properties that explain how they use the data they collect about users and visitors. This ensures that these users and visitors know what the government is doing with their data. The problem, according to Pew Research, is that half of these users don’t know what a privacy policy is.

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Tackling PII in Electronic Data

As non-lawyers peering into the legal world, be advised this post is not official legal advice from the Office of General Counsel. These are our impressions and what we took away from the Legal Learning Series session Social Media – Privacy, Records and Litigation. Do you collect comments and post photos on your agency social media accounts and websites? If so, are you aware that much of that content could possibly be considered personally identifiable information (PII)?

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Privacy Policies, Terms of Service, and PIAs! Oh My!

_Guest post by Cheryl Hackley who works in the Office of Public Affairs at the Federal Trade Commission. _ From my early days of using email, sites like MySpace, and later getting my first smartphone, it was a common practice for me to breeze right past or simply “accept” privacy policies on websites and apps. That was until a few years ago when I joined the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) as its first social media strategist.

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