Using Augmented Reality to Teach Kids about Currency

Mar 5, 2019 |

The U.S. Currency Education Program used research, prototyping, and user-feedback to develop a mobile app to teach young students about money. Read »

Using Augmented Reality to Teach Kids about Currency

Why Your Team Needs Its Own Style Guide and Where to Start

Feb 13, 2018 |

Learn how creating your own style guide can help facilitate development for agency websites. Review best practices, lessons learned, and examples from the U.S. Web Design System, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Read »

Why Your Team Needs Its Own Style Guide and Where to Start

8 New Federal-Friendly Apps and Services

Feb 18, 2015 | ,

Tackling technology tasks just got easier. Recently, federal agencies negotiated eight new Terms of Service (TOS) Agreements for free apps and services. DigitalGov has an extensive list of federal-friendly TOS agreements for free products, and the list is updated as new TOS agreements are created. Cyfe Cyfe, a business dashboard app, helps users monitor diverse data Read »

Top Task Usability: Design for Your Users

Feb 6, 2015 |

Being able to design a website that users love is not too far away from being able to read their minds. While designers can’t read minds, that doesn’t stop them from using their website’s top tasks to make it seem like they can. A website’s top tasks include 5-10 tasks (depending on the scope of the Read »

Using Top Tasks to be Top-Notch: Federal Reserve Board Usability Case Study

Jul 2, 2014 |

In 2012, the Federal Reserve Board used the Top-task methodology to redesign our intranet, called Inside the Board, which had not been significantly updated since it was launched in 1995. After determining the top tasks the audience needs to accomplish on a website, you can run usability tests to gain knowledge and improve the site. The project Read »