Federal Risk And Authorization Management Program

New FedRAMP Marketplace Dashboard

We’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of the new FedRAMP Marketplace dashboard! It’s loaded with all sorts of ways for you to see how everyone is participating with FedRAMP! When we launched the FedRAMP Marketplace about 3 years ago, our intent was to create a place for agencies and cloud service providers (CSPs) to connect. As FedRAMP has grown, so has our marketplace. It’s become a space where all of you interact – CSPs, agencies, and third party assessment organizations (3PAOs) – and in more than just a one way interaction.

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FedRAMP Weekly Tips & Cues – August 10, 2016

Many of our cloud service providers (CSPs), federal agencies, and third party assessment organizations (3PAOs) often share common issues and questions when going through the FedRAMP process. To help guide our stakeholders, we will be providing weekly tips and address frequently asked questions and concerns. This week’s tips come from FedRAMP’s Accelerated event. Read the full list of questions asked during FedRAMP Accelerated here. Send potential tips and questions that you would like published as a tip [via email].

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