Ten Earth Day Activities in Digital Government

Apr 22, 2014 | , , ,

On this Earth Day, federal social media managers are hard at work, sharing and promoting what government and citizens can do to protect the environment. We’ve compiled a sample of the activities that also show how different agencies are using different social media tools in support of a common goal. The United States Environmental Protection Read »

EPA Mobile Projects Update

Apr 17, 2014 |

Earth Day is next week, so today instead of featuring one mobile product like we do every Thursday, we’re highlighting how the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is tackling mobile to help empower citizen environmental decisions. Currently, you can Read »

Storyboard: A Tool for a Successful Video

Apr 11, 2014 |

The script is king when it comes to creating a video. Once you have the words, it’s the pictures that will tell the story. Storyboards are a key component in video production. They serve as a guide during the production process, allowing the video producer to determine how the use of footage, sound bites, audio Read »

Six Tips for Measuring Success in Challenge Competitions

Mar 20, 2014 |

You’ve run a challenge and prize competition, selected your winners, and distributed the prizes. If you think you’re done, guess again. There’s much more to challenge and prize competition success than getting a solution that solves your problem or meets the criteria. You need to measure success right Read »

Nine Tips to Leverage your Facebook Page

Mar 19, 2014 | ,

Due to recent news feed changes, Facebook engagement is down nearly 50% since October for brand pages and is predicted to go lower, according to Social@Ogilvy. As a result federal agencies are continually monitoring the performance of their pages and diversifying their strategies. We talked to members of the Social Media Community Read »

In the Beginning…of Web in Federal Government

Mar 12, 2014 |

With the 25th anniversary of the Web, we wanted to share stories from the beginnings of Web in the federal government and how online government has evolved in the years since. The State Department may have been one of the first, in 1991, with a Read »

Double Digit Crowdsourcing Competitions Launch in February

Feb 26, 2014 |

This is a phenomenal month for federal challenge and prize competitions with 12 new programs launched in February. The challenge.gov platform usually averages four to six new challenges a month, so we’re excited to see the year start off with a big push to engage citizens in creative Read »

Software/Apps Challenges: Getting Results for Your Agency

Feb 4, 2014 |

Federal agencies are rapidly finding that software and/or app prize competitions have the potential to harness innovative ideas from the public. But Read »

Trends on Tuesday: Federal Agency Mobile Gov Trends in 2013

Dec 31, 2013 |

Today we want to tell you about the federal agency trends we saw this year in the development of public facing mobile products. Digital Government Strategy drove Mobile Gov Development Digital Government Strategy milestone 7.2 required agencies to implement two public facing mobile products in May. The White House highlighted Read »

How’s My Waterway?: A Mobile Optimized Site from the EPA

Aug 22, 2013 |

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has upgraded its ‘How’s My Waterway?’ website into a responsive design website, meaning it Read »

API Release Kit

May 16, 2013 |

These are the elements you should include in your federal API release. Homepage Each of your public APIs needs a page to serve as a hub to provide access to all information and tools associated with it. By using the page’s sidebar, footer, and sub pages, you can directly include or link to each of Read »

Agency Digital Strategy Pages

Aug 22, 2012 |

In his May 23rd, 2012 Presidential Memorandum, President Obama directed Executive Departments and Agencies to: Implement the requirements of the Digital Government Strategy, and Create a page at www.[agency].gov/digitalstrategy to publicly report progress of this implementation. Consistent with Milestone Actions #2.1 (open data) and #7.1 (mobile optimization), agencies will post candidate data sets and services to Read »

EPA’s Mobile Access Review Committee

Feb 24, 2012 |

Mobile Gov Experiences are agency stories about creating anytime, anywhere, any device government services and info. This entry is a story shared by the Environmental Protection Agency. The Enivronmental Protection Agency’s Mobile Access Review Committee (MARC) is a committee that evaluates external (public-facing) mobile app and mobile Web concepts prior to any development. MARC serves as Read »

EPA Indoor airPLUS App

Feb 22, 2012 |

Mobile Gov Experiences are agency stories about creating anytime, anywhere, any device government services and info. This entry is a story shared by the Environmental Protection Agency. The Indoor airPLUS app provides home builders and verifier partners in the field easy access to the tools and resources of EPA’s Indoor airPLUS Read »