Hurricane Ian Guidance for U.S. Government Websites and Social Media

Addressing web and digital communications related to Hurricane Ian

In response to Hurricane Ian, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is issuing guidance for the coordination of Federal web and social media communications related to this incident.

This authority for this action comes from Emergency Support Function 15 (ESF-15 - Public Affairs – Annex R) of the National Response Framework where, during incidents of national significance, DHS has the authority to coordinate all U.S. government communications.

On September 28, 2022, in conjunction with the Federal Web Council, DHS activated ESF-15 for Federal web and social communications to support the national response to Hurricane Ian.


All Federal agencies are required to follow this guidance.

In Brief

Federal agencies with a role in the response effort should stand up an or page. That page should link to the two primary lanes of communication:

  1. What DHS and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Are Doing
  2. What the U.S. Government Is Doing


When distributing materials related to Hurricane Ian, please include links to these two lanes on all materials.


When posting information to your agency website, please only post information related to your individual agency. Then, link to the authoritative information from other government agencies that is related to your agency mission or ”lane.” Do NOT copy and paste content from other agencies or websites onto your site.

Coordinate emergency response-related web and digital communications with your Federal Web Council representative.

Lanes of Communication

What DHS and FEMA Are Doing

FEMA has established a landing page on with the latest information from FEMA and DHS on the storm. The page is currently promoting response and recovery information and serves as a clearinghouse for related information from DHS. The page is located at and is available in multiple languages.

What the U.S. Government Is Doing

GSA has created a landing page on for government-wide information related to Hurricane Ian activities. The page is being populated now — if you have materials from your agency that need to be added to the page, please email and they will coordinate posting. can support both English and Spanish content. The page is located at, and the Spanish page is at


Send the title and URL for any Hurricane Ian related materials posted on your agency website to

Social Media Guidance

Follow the following handles and retweet and share information relevant to your agency.


Follow and retweet the above accounts from your agency social media accounts as appropriate.


If you have content that you would like FEMA to amplify, please forward the link to