Guide to the Digital Analytics Program

The Digital Analytics Program (DAP) offers advanced, easy web analytics for federal agencies.
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Guidelines for sharing DAP data

Your responsibilities in sharing and managing DAP data.

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Data that is publicly shareable

Any data appearing on our public dashboard ( can be freely communicated or shared. We also offer an API for the data behind, which is powered by a wealth of data from the Digital Analytics Program (DAP) Google Analytics account.

Requests for data

Our policy is to refer any data requests for information more granular than what is available on to the agency’s DAP point of contact (POC). It’s the agency’s discretion to provide data related to their sites beyond what is already publicly available. We occasionally receive Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests that we refer to the agency in question.

Your responsibility

As a user, we ask that you observe similar data confidentiality practices. By logging in and accessing the Digital Analytics Program account, you understand and agree that: 

  • Access to the government-wide view of the Digital Analytics Program (DAP) is to assist participating agencies in improving websites across the government.
  • Access to this full set of data is restricted to DAP users only.
  • Each participating agency controls the distribution and sharing of their own agency-specific data, at the discretion of the agency’s designated DAP POC.
  • Agencies are not authorized to communicate or share findings derived from the DAP account about another agency without the other agency’s explicit, written permission (unless those data are already part of the data publicly available on