Guide to the Digital Analytics Program

Gaining Access to the Data

Any federal employee or contractor who works for a participating agency can register for access to the Digital Analytics Program (DAP) reporting interface, so long as the agency point of contact (POC) approves.

Send an email to DAP Support to request a registration form. Please also let us know in that email that you have associated your official email account.

Eligible Email Addresses

Contrary to common belief, you do not need a Gmail address to access Google Analytics; in fact, the DAP team does not allow for individual personal Gmail addresses to be used in the DAP account. Instead, you will need to associate your .gov or contractor email address with Google. 

Does your agency already use Google for email or Google Suite?


Do you have a address linked to your .gov email address (potentially as a backup)? If so, you will have to unlink those accounts in order to become a DAP user. We can send you instructions to help unlink the accounts. Also, linking those addresses after being granted access could result in your personal address becoming the “primary” account, and you may be subject to removal from our system.