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Immersive, enhanced audio and visual experiences through virtual and augmented reality are now available to many U.S. citizens through smartphones and other mobile devices—opening the door to an incredible diversity of new programs and services.

Who We Are

This community serves as a collaborative hub for the research and refinement of VR and AR business cases and pilot programs across government.

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If you are a federal government employee with a .gov or .mil email address, join our Virtual and Augmented Reality Community.

What We Do

Federal agencies are eager to share their ideas on how this new medium might expand and improve their services – using virtual therapy to treat PTSD, educating farmers on the installation of solar panels, or disaster management preparedness and response. To help explore and share these great ideas, we host workshops where agencies and industry specialists can brainstorm and demonstrate the new technologies.

Community Conduct

When participating in this CoP, follow Etiquette Guidelines. Respect your peers, use plain language, be patient, practice constructive criticism, and stay organized. By participating in this CoP conversation, you agree to abide by the TTS Code of Conduct.