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Join other federal user experience practitioners and learn how to make better user-centered products.


Send an email from your official government email to, with “Join UX Community” in the subject line.

Community Managers:

Jean Fox (BLS) and Silvia Salazar (NIH)


Members of the User Experience Community of Practice can:

  • Ask questions and learn how other agencies are creating great user experiences!
  • Find out how to conduct valuable user research with little (or no) budget!
  • Meet other government usability practitioners!
  • Share your own successes and tips!

Who we are

Our members include more than 1,100 federal, state, and local U.S. government employees and contractors with a valid .gov or .mil email address. We welcome program managers, subject matter experts, designers, developers, writers and others interested in creating efficient, effective and useful technologies.

What we do

  • Create case studies of why UX works!
  • Training for government Web managers, usability specialists, project managers, etc…
  • User Experience (UX) networking events
  • Connect people to useful UX resources

Key Resources

Community Conduct

When participating in this CoP, follow Etiquette Guidelines. Respect your peers, use plain language, be patient, practice constructive criticism, and stay organized. By participating in this CoP conversation, you agree to abide by the TTS Code of Conduct.