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The Federal Communicators Network (FCN) was established in recognition that communication is an essential function for government activities at all organizational levels. Our community members are dedicated to the goals of improving communication and understanding among all people, and helping make government more effective.

What We Do

Federal communicators have relied on this community for best practices, training and networking for almost 30 years.

Who We Are

The Federal Communicators Network is a community of federal communicators with extensive experience and deep subject knowledge in communications, public affairs, social media, and other related areas.

Beginners in the field can ask questions to the LISTSERV on advice and best practices. The community also shares job opportunities to help members advance in their careers. FCN works to bring relevant training to help members develop their communications skills.

Community Conduct

The Communities of Practice are hosted by digital.gov, a service of the Technology Transformation Services (TTS) within the General Services Administration (GSA). GSA is a federal agency subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and must comply with requests for records made under FOIA. As a result, all communications made on this Communities of Practice LISTSERV are subject to release under FOIA.

When participating in this CoP, follow Digital.gov Community Guidelines.