Community Solutions Community of Practice

A community of federal staff who provide services to local communities in a holistic and collaborative way by developing innovative and cross-cutting partnerships.


To join, fill out the “Join Our Listserv” form on the Community Solutions website.

Who Are We?

We are experts who help federal, state, local, and regional leaders enhance their relationships with their local communities and create targeted solutions that drive meaningful outcomes.

The Community Solutions Community of Practice is made up of over 950 federal employees from across the country and 36 agencies and sub-agencies who are dedicated to improving service delivery to the American public.

What We Do

We are working to change the way in which federal staff approach their work (with communities) by focusing on comprehensive planning, busting down silos, and fostering collaboration. We emphasize coordination across federal agencies to improve our interactions with local government, non-profits, businesses, and other stakeholders. We believe in using data and evidence-based problem-solving to evaluate what’s working and what’s not to inform our decisions. This different way of doing business disrupts a top-down structure in favor of locally-driven priorities and (a) true partnerships.

Our approach acknowledges that local residents and leaders know what their communities need in order to become great places to live, work, and raise a family, and what strengths they can build on. They need federal partners who listen to their ideas and support them with resources, information, best practices, and evidence-based expertise from across the whole of federal government.

Innovation Exchanges

One of the most valuable benefits of becoming a member of our Community of Practice is access to the Innovation Exchanges, (a) biweekly sessions that highlight (highlights) innovative tools, research, and partnerships that have been proven to be successful and highly impactful. The topics of these sessions vary widely but they all provide participants with a set of strategies and tools that can be applied broadly. Moreover, each session has a Q&A portion that allows our members to engage with the expert hosts.