Accessibility / Section 508 Community of Practice

The IT Accessibility Community of Practice helps federal agencies buy and build accessible IT, with tools, training and best practices to support universal design, accessible development, and 508-compliant procurement. We work to encourage the adoption of accessible IT across the federal government.


To join, send an email to with your request to join the 508 listserv. You must have a .gov or .mil email address to join.

Community Managers: Yvette Gibson, Avis Ryan, John Sullivan

Who We Are

The IT Accessibility Community consists of governmental professionals working to enhance IT accessibility across government. We also engage advocacy groups, industry, and academia to around innovative solutions for accessible technology.

What we do

We identify and promote best practices for implementing the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Accessibility Standards. We share successful practices and information with each other. We use a diverse set of tools, from universal design to accessible development, to increase the accessibility of federal IT.


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