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Moderating a Government Blog

Jul 22, 2013 |

Guest post by Curtis Robert Burns, better known as Blogger Bob, at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). As a blogger for TSA I believe moderating blog comments always comes down to an understanding of your employer’s mission, audience, and your Read »

Instagram Now Available for Federal Agencies

Jul 8, 2013 |

Instagram is the latest mobile and social media tool available to federal, state and local governments to better engage with the public, with a newly negotiated government-compatible Terms of Service (TOS) agreement. GSA collaborated with Instagram to negotiate the amended terms, which brings the total number of Read »

What We’ve Learned: Three Years of Answering Questions on Social Media

Jul 2, 2013 | and have been engaging with the public on social media long before Mayor Cory Booker underscored the need at this year’s SXSW. In January 2010, we began to respond to questions and comments on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We never advertised the service, but people naturally Read »

5 Myths About Social Media Accessibility

Jun 26, 2013 |

Guest post by Mario Damiani, Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) at the Department of Labor. ODEP spearheads the Social Media Accessibility Working Group within the Federal Social Media Community of Practice. The working group recently released a toolkit for agencies to make their content more accessible for citizens with disabilities, including recommendations from agencies Read »

Take Your Social Media Program From Rags to Riches

Jun 12, 2013 |

Are you a small or even one-deep government social media team who wonders how with limited resources you can still deliver the program citizens need? Do you have a larger team but still want to know how you can roll up your sleeves and make a change? If either Read »

YouTube Releases New Features

Jun 7, 2013 |

YouTube recently upgraded to the new One Channel design. The new design emphasizes responsive layouts for mobile devices, tablets, desktops and laptops, and TVs. A single banner on a white background replaces a customizable background and color scheme. YouTube recommends using a single 2560 x 1440 px image that fits Read »

Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report

Jun 5, 2013 |

Techcrunch. com reports Mary Meeker’s much anticipated annual Internet Trends report released at the D11 Conference last week shows astounding growth regarding use of smartphones and tablets. Among the highlights; Mobile Internet users have reached 1.5 billion, up from 1.1 billion a year ago, Read »

Twitter’s Two Step Verification Process

May 31, 2013 |

To enhance security, Twitter now offers two-step verification. The release of the new feature follows several high-profile account breaches – including a false tweet sent from the Associated Press’s Twitter account in April. If you chose to enable the two-step verification feature, Twitter sends a text message with a unique code to a cell phone that must be Read »

Apple’s iOS Terms of Service & Developer Program License Agreement

May 30, 2013 |

The information included in this article is based on the experiences provided by members of the MobileGov Community of Practice. Read »

NIH Twitter Chats: Collaborations Multiply Successes

May 10, 2013 |

Twitter Chat discussing anxiety, stress, and complementary health practices December 18, 2012 Read »

Government Must Respond Rapidly to Social Media Hacking

Apr 25, 2013 |

[Editor’s note: Please watch the Jan. 15 , 2015, webinar on How Government Can Prepare for and Respond to Social Media Hacks. on our Youtube channel] The hacking of an Associated Press news account on Twitter this week, and its fallout, underscored the need for agencies Read »

Social Media Metrics for Federal Agencies

Apr 19, 2013 |

Social media is transforming how government engages with citizens and how it delivers service. Agencies are using social media to share information and deliver service more quickly and effectively than ever before. Increasingly, these tools are also being used for predictive and sentiment analysis—using the vast Read »

#SocialGov Summit Highlights Accessibility Challenges

Nov 30, 2012 |

The recent #SocialGov Summit on accessibility of government social media raised emerging issues faced by agencies in their effort to make sure the information citizens need is communicated to them when and how they need it. For many, the most eye opening exercise was simply to hear their tweets read back to them through an iPhone VoiceOver screen reader, Read »

Feds Shed Light on Dark Social

Oct 19, 2012 |

“Dark Social” media took the web by storm this week, unveiling to many the shadows in measuring your social media impact. This accounts for the majority of your traffic and yet lives untraced where standard metrics fear to tread (or simply cannot) — places like email and instant Read »

Social Data Unlocked for Next Generation Services

Feb 19, 2012 |

Today at the #SocialGov Summit for Social Media Week DC, we’ll showcase two new initiatives for citizens, agencies and small businesses that help unlock the full potential of social data for the next generation of government services and engagement. Leading innovators in government will also be on hand to show Read »