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Jeremy Zilar

GSA | New York City

As part of his four-year term with 18F, Jeremy served in GSA’s Technology Transformation Service as’s director from 2017 to 2020.

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The team at USAGov analyzed more than 13,000 chats and phone calls from the public, in both English and Spanish, and then tagged these inquiries by popular topic area. These are the top questions our government-wide contact center received over the last four months. — via

Oct 08, 2019


U.S. Web Design System: September Monthly Call

This month, we’ll take a look at the development process for a USWDS component and demonstrate how we start with a problem and work to a solution that could be shared across other websites.
Sep 19, 2019

An Introduction to 10x and How to Get Your Idea Funded

Learn how you can work with the new investment fund for technology products in the government.
Jul 17, 2019

Get Your Idea Funded Through 10x

Introducing a new investment fund for technology products in the federal government.
Jul 09, 2019

The mandate to be agile is everywhere. But agile isn’t an on-off switch. It’s a skill and a mindset that is developed over time, through dedicated work, open teams, and lots (and lots) of practice — via 18F

Jun 18, 2019

Code.govlogo breaks down the latest USWDS 2.0 release with highlights of the most important features that will help teams build better websites for the American public. — via

Jun 10, 2019


Are you working on an IT centralization project? Here is why taking the time to prioritize users is important and will result in services that work better for the people you serve. — via 18F

May 20, 2019

DOI Revenue Datalogo

Understanding your constraints is user-centered design Your ability to deliver user value is always constrained by, well, your ability to deliver user value. — via DOI Revenue Data

May 20, 2019

DOI Revenue Datalogo

The team at Office of Natural Resources Revenue wrote about how they use journey mapping to help teams look at their agency’s processes in a more comprehensive way. — via DOI Revenue Data

May 07, 2019

DOI Revenue Datalogo

In her path to becoming a product manager, she found the flexibility to explore new approaches to managing the product while periodically shaping her role into something that worked for the team. — via DOI Revenue Data

Mar 17, 2019

U.S. Digital Servicelogo

The U.S. Digital Service has been using Instagram to tell stories about their teams, and the significant strides they are making alongside partner agencies. — via U.S. Digital Service

Dec 10, 2018


Conversations on Public Impact: How data trusts can preserve and protect your digital initiatives

The Ethics Working Group in GSA’s Technology Transformation Service hosts a presentation about data trusts; a legal structure designed to manage data, code, and other digital assets.
Mar 21, 2018

Responding to a Disaster: How USAGov Helped Shape the Digital Response in Puerto Rico

This interactive talk with a USAGov team member will highlight the digital response in Puerto Rico during and after Hurricane Maria.
Jan 09, 2018

U.S. Web Design Standards + DigitalGov

We’re excited to announce that the U.S. Web Design Standards team has moved over to OPP and joined the DigitalGov team.
Nov 14, 2017

A Better DigitalGov

We’re going to try something new here
Nov 14, 2017