Government Contact Center Round Up

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The Government Contact Center Council (G3C), led by GSA’s Tonya Beres, has been working with DigitalGov University to host events for the contact center community across the federal government.

This year they hosted events and posted articles that will help you get a contact center up and running, make up-to-date changes to meet 21st century expectations, and incorporate new features like adaptive content, chat, and handling social media inquiries.

In June the G3C hosted their annual workshop where Mary Ann Monroe, Director of Customer Experience in GSA’s Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies (OCSIT), shared the results and best practices from J.D. Power and Associates’ audit of the Contact Center (.pptx, 193 kb). There were also presentations by Ellis Hall of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on lessons learned from EEOC’s call centers (.pptx, 75 kb) and Rosetta Lue of the City of Philadelphia on Customer Experience Data (.ppt, 1MB). Martha Dorris, Associate Administrator for GSA’s OCSIT presented on Customer Service Initiatives Across Government (.pptx, 79 kb).

If you are interested in joining the G3C and attending their monthly events, participation is open to federal, state, and local government employees. They also host a listserv for members to ask questions, share ideas, and provide ongoing support. To get involved, please contact the G3C Membership Coordinator, Barbara Walton.

DigitalGov also has numerous resources and articles about managing contact centers:

You can also check out our feeds for all the G3C posts and Government Contact Center posts.