Trends on Tuesday: 10 Mobile Trends to Embrace

Jul 2, 2013

Jackie Rov of tmgmedia points out that with more than a billion smartphones in consumer’s pockets, it’s more important than ever for brands to adapt their strategy to mobile trends. To engage with consumers in the mobile era, we must understand the shift in consumer behavior – that immediacy and convenience fuel consumer actions.

To help us, Rov has selected 10 mobile trends from Forrester’s 2013 Mobile Trends for Marketers report which all brands should embrace:

  1. Give mobile consumers a rich experience of real-time location-sensitive information.
  2. Know that tablets and smartphone need different strategies and allow them to diverge on your mobile spectrum.
  3. Stop considering connected devices gimmicky and prepare for their mainstream acceptance.
  4. Integrate your product, content and marketing by providing personalized content with data at its core.
  5. Evaluate your mobile maturity to reach out to those one billion potential consumers worldwide.
  6. Form a mobile governance group to prioritize your next-generation mobile consumer experience.
  7. Find and hire mobile strategy talent and develop expertise internally.
  8. Get your senior execs on board to help lead your mobile strategy and get input from everyone on your team.
  9. Set a long-term mobile strategy and make staffing decisions based on it.
  10. Get friendly with your IT department and clearly express your needs to justify shifts in focus and spending.

Agencies which do these things should be able to stay ahead of the mobile curve to better serve citizens and stakeholders.